Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moving like Greased Lightning

I've been busy - with volunteering in our performing arts group for "Grease" this fall (actually, in 5 weeks!!!), and with knitting.

I'm assistant to the director - my sis, Suzanne - for this production. It's a nice change from the costuming that I've done in previous productions. Lots of running around and doing things in the community. Very interesting and fun! If you're anywhere near The Dalles, OR the last two weeks of September, be sure to get tickets at Klindt's Booksellers or at the door to see us!

In other news, I've been knitting a square for a woman on one of my groups who's facing a difficult illness. The listmom of the group is going to join all our squares into an afghan for her. Absolutely love the pattern, and I might actually make an afghan for someone out of it! It was great to see it appear from the needles, like magic!

I tried to get the Lotus Blossom Tank going for an event I attended last weekend, but, alas, it was not meant to be. I kept getting messed up on the count, and the Lotus Blossoms looked more like a mess of blackberry vines! I did love the Bamboo, though. I won't give up, just put it in time-out until the snows drag me down and make me want to knit for summer!

Gotta get going - must deliver the tickets to the bookstores today, so we can begin selling out! ;o)

Friday, August 03, 2007

LIfe Path?

Here's a fun little time-waster from Blogthings.com:

Your Life Path Number is 8

Your purpose in life is to help others succeed

You are both a natural leader and a natural success. You are also a great judge of character.
You have a head for business and finance. You know how to make money.
A great visionary, you can see gold where other people see nothing.

In love, you are very generous - with gifts, time, and guidance.

You love to inspire people, but it can be frustrating when they don't understand your vision.
Great success comes easily for you. But so does great failure, as you are very reckless.
You are confident, and sometimes this confidence borders on arrogance.