Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have a blog?

Oh, yeah. I do have a blog, and while that doesn't mean that I'm supposed to post every day, it does mean (to me, at least) that if I'm gonna do it right, I need to pay it more attention than once a month! How was that for a run-on sentence?!?! So, back at it!

I've been busy with many things. To name a few: shower gifts, afghan squares, reading, seeing Pirates 3 - excellent, by the way, dying yarn, sewing 2 prom dresses (what was I thinking???), buying a new bed (what an ordeal!), and agreeing to work with my sis on Encore Performing Arts production of, "Grease." Not that all of that excuses my absences, but it does seem that I've been kind of busy, doesn't it? A little?

I've been really enjoying the knitting. I knitted a bib and washcloth for Sarah K., loomed 2 hats and a blanket for a nephew plus started a onesie for him, another washcloth for a friend expecting her third, finished Seraphina and sent it off, finished 2 Esther shawls for VT Shawl ministry and sent them off, finished another afghan square - I'm only one behind now! - and started the 4th, started a Sunny washcloth for my niece. Notice there is no mention of Forest Canopy or the Civil War Shawl. They are both in time-out. The next group starts on Civil War June 1, and I'm hoping to be "in that number." I've had a bit more experience knitting lace since March, so I'm hoping that helps. Yvonne is perplexed at my lack of progress on Forest Canopy. She has been chugging right along. Maybe if I bring my sorry 10 inches in and let it sit next to hers, some of her mojo will rub off on mine. Maybe spark it to behave? Oh, well. A time and place for everything.

I decided to not do costumes for this fall's musical, "Grease." I think it's time for other members of the community to dive into that great adventure! I had a blast doing "Annie" and "Into the Woods," but it's a lot of commitment. I'm ready to do something a little less intense - like be assistant to the director. Who just happens to be my blog-less sis. Hey, she has a life! No time for blogging. Anywhoo, I'm excited to work on this production, and things are coming together. Stay tuned!

About the new bed, last week I awoke to wet feet. No, I didn't have an accident, but our waterbed did. Hey, waterbeds are still around! Just not ours, alas. It went to that great american waterbed clearance in the sky dump. We were obligated to drive into the big city and lay on beds all over town for hours. It was not as restful as it sounds. Actually kind of embarrassing, and annoying as the salespeople try to carry on conversations with you as you are trying out the left side for 5 minutes, the right side for 5 minutes, then your back side - I mean, laying on your back for 5 minutes. Couldn't they see that we were trying to rest? We finally decide, plunk down way to much money, only to be told that the bed wouldn't be ready for a week! Arghh! So, back to our little town, to our house in the forest, and our slowly draining bed (it took 3 days!) to await our new place of rest. Guess where we rested that night? On the floor! It just isn't as fun now as it was when I was 9. My hips, with all their padding, still complained loudly! What is all that padding good for anyway? Hopefully, the new mattress won't give me such grief. It darned well better not!

Again, back to the work at hand. I will try to post again very soon!

P.S. - Thanks, Destiny, for finding me!