Thursday, July 05, 2007

Salvation for the sock from Lavender Sheep

Well, back on track with Sugar-Free Socks due entirely to help from Yvonne, who totally rocks! So, now I can finish the wonderful cables, complete the second sock, block and wear my first pair of socks!

Ever hear the phrase, "When it rains, it pours?" I don't mean to complain, but this year, we've replaced a fridge, a washer, a water bed (with a regular bed. *sigh*), and now, a car??? I did not get the memo that said 2007 was to be the "year of replacement!" My husband called from town this morning to relate his adventure with the skid plate "skidding off" on our '91 Suburban. Granted, that's old for a Suburban, especially one with 270,000 miles. But, dang. We just got the bed. And the washer. Dang. This could seriously cut into my yarn habit if we have to replace much more. Looks like it's beans for a few more nights this month.

On a much more fun note, two evenings ago, while Yvonne was helping me, I found some terrific colors of Fixation for my next project - socks for my big sons! Of course, I had to get a bit of something for me, too. I wound up with some (a cone!) Peaches & Creme in the Sour Green Apple colorway for more dishcloths. Plus, a pattern that I'd been searching for: figheadh basic aran cap. All in all, a fabulous visit!