Friday, March 02, 2007

Finally some progress on the Civil War!

--- Shawl, that is. I'm pretty happy to say that I've gotten to row 10 without too much drama. It is tiny. Very, very tiny. One might even say, ~wispy~. As I told a fellow Civil War Shawl devotee, it feels like I'm knitting spiderwebs! But, it's also kind of fun. Something new!

Also have about 121-ish stitches of the 195-ish I'm headed toward on Forest Canopy. It's very pretty, but I really nead to pay attention. Lots of tinking, trying to find missing yo's. It will be worn for everyday, so, I'll see those missing stitches. Every day. Must tink to correct count. This, too can be fun. Just wish it wasn't every dang row!

Jewelry is on hiatus until next week.

Mood: Interwoven. Just, interwoven.

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